$700,000 Settlement : Gas Terminal Fails To Remove Ice

All property owners who know people are going to be walking in areas to do their job must be sure to clean dangerous and defective conditions that pose a risk to all workers.  The gas storage terminal in Vestal, New York ignored their responsibility and allowed snow and ice to accumulate.  Our client was a tanker driver who was filling the trailer full of gas to make deliveries to gas stations throughout Binghamton and the Southern Tier.  After filling up the truck, our client was walking around the truck performing a safety inspection of the truck and expected the ground to at least have salt or sand.  There was none and he was caused to fall severely injuring his shoulder.  The injuries prevented him from being able to return to work.  In addition to getting the Workers’ Compensation carrier to waive their nearly $250,000 lien, we were able to obtain a $700,000 settlement.  The case was handled by Trial Partner Victoria Lightcap and Managing Attorney Elizabeth Wolf.