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Iraq, Afghan Vets May Have Their Own Agent Orange

By Mark Brunswick: While it took nearly three decades for the U.S. government to eventually link Agent Orange, the defoliant used in Vietnam, to cancer, President Obama has pledged quick action to make determinations about the effect of the burn pits on perhaps as many as 60,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Read more here:  -->

Combat Troops in Iraq Talk About PTSD

by Tim King (SALEM, Ore.) – Hundreds of thousands of American combat veterans are victims of the effects of combat and war. The symptoms of PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, are wide ranging. The current conflicts continue to generate PTSD in our troops, and they join the ranks of veterans of the Persian Gulf War, -->

Secretary Shinseki Announces an Additional $10.3 Million to Help Eliminate Veterans Homelessness

WASHINGTON – Eleven states will share more than $10.3 million in grants to community groups to provide enhanced services for homeless Veterans this year. This is in addition to the $59.5 million in preventive grants awarded earlier this year. “Homelessness is a national issue that will be solved at the local level,” said Secretary of -->

Congressman Ackerman Urges VA to Speed Up, Improve Claims

According to an article written by Congressman Ackerman, Ackerman and NYC/Long Island Colleagues Call on VA Secretary to Improve New York Regional Veterans Affairs Office. The Facility processes benefits claims for veterans throughout New York including New York City and Long Island U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Queens/L.I.), joined by Members of the New York City-Long -->

Illness Persists In 250,000 Gulf War Veterans

Gulf War Research Breakthrough: Better Diagnosis: Read the following article written by Ivanhoe Newswire: Gulf War, illnesses persist, with blood flow abnormalities in the brains of the veterans. “We confirmed that abnormal blood flow continued or worsened over the 11-year span since first being diagnosed, which indicates that the damage is ongoing and lasts long -->

Federal Appeals Court Backs Veterans’ Complaints on Mental Health Services

Federal Appeals Court Backs Veterans’ Complaints on Mental Health Services. Read the following New York Times article: In a sweeping decision released Tuesday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that “unchecked incompetence” by the Department of Veterans Affairs had led to poor mental health care and slow processing of disability -->

Avastin Injections at VA Causing Blindness

A VA medical center in Los Angeles has reported that five patients who were treated with the drug Avastin for eye disease have been blinded. Earlier this year, four patients at the VA hospital in Nashville suffered infections from the bacterially contaminated Avastin. The Food and Drug Administration also issued an alert last Tuesday stating -->

Orange County Arts Council Seeks Veteran Artists, Poets, Essayists

As part of its fourth annual County Art Awards Celebration on Thursday, November 10th at the Harness Racing Museum in Goshen, the Orange County Arts Council is adding a special tribute to veterans this year.

Vietnam Navy Veterans to Get Agent Orange Benefits

Last September, Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, then chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, asked the VA to reconsider claims from veterans who served in Vietnam’s rivers and inland waterways, or who docked in Vietnam, known as Brown Water Veterans, who are claiming to have sustained illnesses/disabilities as a result of exposure to Agent Orange. -->

Finkelstein & Partners Offers Veterans Legal Options

Finkelstein & Partners is proud of its commitment to aiding Veterans in pursuit of their well-deserved benefits. An article, recently published in the Times Herald Record, discusses this: The Department of Veterans Affairs is meant to serve veterans, but when it comes to the disability process, the bureaucracy is notoriously ponderous. Until June 2007, veterans -->