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Come Visit Us This Week at New Country Toyota

On Wednesday, April 12th and Thursday, April 13th we will be at New Country Toyota in Mechanicville giving away free promotional items and talking about the dangers of distracted driving. We’ll be joined by our friends from WRGB CBS6 and the Cornell Cooperative Extension. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what you -->

Teen Driver Suspected of Drug Use in Horrific Colonie Crash

On Friday, October 28th two teenage boys were involved in a horrific crash. The incident transpired around 11pm. The driver of a 2006 sedan, an 18 year old male, drove off the road and ended up lodged under a pick up truck. The force of the collision caused both vehicles to crash through a nearby -->

An Important Reminder, the Faces of Distracted Driving

If you haven’t visited distraction.gov lately, you should. The site is loaded with information about the dangers of distracted driving. If you have a teen driver, a spouse, or a friend is drives and texts we encourage you to share this page with them “The faces of distracted driving.” Here you’ll find the heart wrenching -->

An Introduction to Distraction, You May Be Surprised to Find You Are Actually a Distracted Driver

Let’s assume you’re one of the many drivers on the road who loathe the sight of a distracted driver, i.e. that guy in the truck drifting in and out of lanes while texting, or the mom in the minivan with one eye on the road and one on her phone, or teenage driver cruising along -->