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Spring on the Taconic, Important Information for New York Motorists

Many New Yorkers are familiar with the 104-mile highway that cuts through the state, known as the Taconic Parkway. The Taconic was initially designed as a scenic route to upstate New York State Parks. In the 50 plus years since the completed version of the highway opened it’s transformed into a frequently utilized roadway, more -->

Preparing for the Hudson Valley Holiday Hustle, Chose Your Route Wisely

Most New Yorkers, especially those who are lucky enough to call scenic Hudson Valley home, treasure the final weeks of October and the beginning weeks of November. As the vibrant leaves begin to fall and the days become shorter it becomes abundantly clear, it’s that time again- bring on the turkey, tinsel, and travel.  Traveling throughout -->

5 Things Hudson Valley Residents Want Drivers to Know About the Taconic Parkway

“Upstate New York in the middle of October. You can’t get more beautiful than that.” -Paul Reiser, American Actor and Writer We agree with Paul’s statement, there are few things more beautiful than Upstate New York in the fall. The thousands of tourists that travel from near and far to bask in the colors and -->

Driving on the Taconic Parkway: Pt 1

wtdw-_driving_taconic1.jpg   1.    There’s virtually no room for error. By “virtually no room” we really mean, there is no room for error.  Read more on our blog: 5 Things Hudson Valley Residents Want Drivers to Know About the Taconic Parkway