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Bicycle Safety Tips for Spring

May is Bicycle Safety Month! Make sure you’re following these bicycle safety tips this season: •    Learn the hand signals: Make sure you know the appropriate hand signals to let other vehicles know your next move.•    Main roads can be extremely dangerous for cyclists. Make sure you are riding on the right-hand side of the -->

May is National Electrical Safety Month

National Electrical Safety Month, supported by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, is dedicated to promoting electrical safety in the home, school, and workplace. You can help reduce the number of electrically-related fires, fatalities, and injuries by taking the right steps towards safety. Each year, electrical failures are the cause of 43,900 home fires in the -->

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again! Time to do a deep clean to our homes, lawns and garages. But all that lifting, climbing and other spring-cleaning activities can heighten the risk for injuries. There are over 10 million unintentional home injuries in the U.S. per year that result in hospital emergency room visits, according to -->

10 Tips for Safe Grilling This Season

The weather is getting nicer and it’s tempting us to head outside and start grilling! Grilling can be a fun family event, but if proper precautions are not taken, it can lead to serious injuries. Make sure you follow these basic tips for safe grilling this season!1.    Fire: Fire can be extremely destructive! Always have -->

Baseball Safety for Kids

With the weather getting warmer, we’re starting to think about getting our little ones ready for Little League by buying them the correct gear and preparing them for practice. While baseball is by no means a dangerous sport, it can present a very real risk of injuries from things like wild pitches, batted balls, and -->