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Our Poughkeepsie, New York Client Shares Her Experience with the Firm: Slip and Fall

Landlords are expected to maintain a safe environment for their tenants and the general public. All too often innocent people are hurt when business/property owners neglect to take basic steps to keep their property safe. Read more about a recent slip and fall in Poughkeepsie, and how we were able to help our client get -->

Before You Take Your Kids Out Sledding, Think Safety

As lawsuits mount along with injuries to children, some towns are banning sledding! Last year, an 11-year-old girl was sledding down a hill outside her home when she slammed into a picnic table. Her accident was so severe that she lost a kidney and half of her spleen, as well as puncturing a lung. She -->

Avoiding Injuries on the Slopes This Winter

Some of us enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or other fun activities on our local mountains this time of year. However, if proper precautions aren’t taken when having fun on wintery slopes, accidents are likely to occur and may even be fatal. Every ski season, an average of 40 fatal accidents take place on the slopes and -->

Brush Up On Your Fire Safety This Winter

More than 33% of fires occur in homes during December, January and February. Fire remains the major cause of death in the home, with young children and older adults most often the victims. Brush up on your fire safety this winter and keep your family safe!: Have a skilled technician install all new equipment. Have -->

Driving Safely in the Winter

Snowy drives can really be beautiful ones, but they can also wreak havoc on the roads. Help improve your winter driving safety by following these basic tips: Prepare Your Vehicle: If you know you will be driving a lot this winter, equip your vehicle with the proper safety features such as snow  tires, anti-lock brakes, traction -->

The Best Vehicle Accessories for Winter

Have a long drive to your holiday destination? Check out these important vehicle accessories from the National Safety Commission to have on those long trips in the winter!: 1. Winter Tires: when it comes to winter driving, one of the most important products for safety is winter tires. These are super helpful when traveling through -->

Snowmobiling Safety Tips

Snowmobiling is a popular winter sport in the North Country. It can be fun but can also turn deadly if safety tips are not followed. Follow these basic safety tips before heading out on the snowmobile this winter: Pre-Ride Checklist: Check the throttle – it should freely return to the idle or closed position Fuel -->

Shovel Safely This Winter

The snow is beginning to fall and with winter come winter activities. We’re shoveling our driveways and area ways and getting our daily exercise in at the same time! This being said, shoveling can increase our risk of injury, especially for the elderly. Take time to follow these safety tips before you head outside to -->

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

As winter settles in, snowy and icy conditions can make roads and walking surfaces slick. Even when drivers and pedestrians are at their most cautious, accidents happen. When a person is hit by a moving vehicle, the injuries can be significant. Here are some safety tips to help you navigate the sidewalks and streets this -->