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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips for Safe Tree Trimming

Trimming the tree can be a fun gathering and a tradition in your home, but are you doing it safely? Here are some simple tips you and your family and friends can follow to ensure a safe and merry Christmas season!: Tips for Lighting the Tree • Indoors or outdoors, use only lights that have -->

Christmas Tree Safety Tips and Facts

Christmas trees were involved in approximately 300 fires annually from 2000 to 2004, according to the National Fire Protection Association. An average of 14 deaths were a result of these fires, and $16.8 million in property damage. Tips for Purchasing a Tree • When purchasing an artificial tree, look for the label “Fire-Retardant.” This indicates -->

Flooding: Get the Facts and Safety Tips

Flooding Facts and Simple Safety Tips • Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars causing loss of control and possible stalling. • A foot of water will float many vehicles. • Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles including SUV’s and pick-ups. • Do not attempt to -->

Weatherproof Your Home Against Winter Weather

Winter is right around the corner and it’s time to start weatherproofing your home! Here are some simple safety tips and tips from the CDC: Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home! – Make sure the batteries are working! Have your chimney cleaned annually. Insulate walls and the attic. Caulk and weather-strip doors -->

Does Your Family Have a Winter Home Emergency Kit?

Winter is approaching and you likely have all sorts of things in your home right now that would serve you well in an emergency, but do you have them ready? Creating a home emergency kit can be mean life or death, in some situations. Here are some simple tips of you can start an emergency -->

The Light Bulb That Keeps Your Home Safe

What if a light bulb could trick thieves into believing you are home? BeOn Home might have tackled this. BeOn Home has a new Burglar Deterrent. The lighting doesn’t just come on in sets of intervals like other products out on the marketing, it learns your habits to make it look like you are home. -->

9 Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

While there is plenty of safety advice on the Internet, these nine suggestions seem to ne not well known, even though they may be highly beneficial hen applied: 1. Keep Your Car Keys on Your Night Table: If your car key-fob contains a panic alert button and your car is in range of your bedroom, -->

10 Things Emergency Physicians Want You to Know

The more you know and expect from the ER, the safer and healthier you will be. Here are 10 things you should know about the ER: 1. Treatment is not first come, first-served: Something like a ruptured spleen will take precedence over a twisted ankle. A ruptured spleen, and the like, are life-or-death situations and -->

Preventing Backover Accidents

The government has only recently started to track the number of children injured or killed in non-traffic related accidents, such as driveway backovers. In 2009, the NHTSA released a report that estimated an average of 292 fatalities and 18,000 injuries occur each year as a result of backover accidents. What Can You Do as a -->