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Will New Regulations Put Residents at Heightened Risk for Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect?

The nursing home industry recently celebrated a triumph in a long term battle to scale back fines and regulations, regulations that were put in place to protect residents from abuse and neglect. The Trump administration has agreed to shift Medicare’s penalty protocols by discouraging inspectors to impose fines on nursing homes in violation of federal -->

Revised Nursing Home Regulations Proposed That Could Worsen an Already Failing System

Statistics show approximately 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 60 have experienced some form of elder abuse. Many experts speculate more than 1 in 10 suffer abuse but are unable to report the abuse due to their physical or mental state. Nursing home residents are often abused and neglected when nursing home facilities -->

Nursing Home Abuse in Connecticut, Six Nursing Homes Fined

The State of Connecticut has recently fined a half dozen nursing homes for serious offenses to residents. The events surrounding the fines are both disheartening and disturbing: A resident suffered serious fall down injuries (including a broken collarbone and a broken hip) after nursing home staff failed to provide required supervision. A resident was hospitalized -->

Who is Holding Negligent Nursing Home Staff Accountable?

A reoccurring theme in instances of nursing home abuse and neglect include a lack of accountability. Nursing home residents often fall victim to abuse or neglect in part because they are physically or mentally unable to report that the abuse occurred. Worse, an audit recently released by the New York State Office of the State -->

Syracuse Nursing Home Fined After Aggressive Sexual Assaults

A Syracuse Nursing Home will pay a $16,000 fine for failing to protect its residents. According to, “a state Health Department inspection conducted last April found Iroquois Nursing Home did not properly manage two male residents with histories of being aggressive and sexually abusing other residents in the dementia unit of the 160-bed facility…”. -->

CNN Publishes Must Read for Anyone with Elderly Parents

Recently, multiple media outlets published various disturbing articles about nursing home abuse and neglect in New York and throughout the country.  CNN, in their article “Sick, dying, and raped in America’s nursing homes”, exposes the frequency of sexual abuse in U.S. nursing homes, and the struggles patients and their families often face in seeking justice. -->

Will New Nursing Home Requirements Make a Difference for our Country’s 1.4 Million Nursing Home Residents?

When the New York Times asked experts how they would grade the quality of our nation’s nursing homes the overall consensus implied there is significant room for improvement.  “Far too many have a long way to go to give residents the quality of care and quality of life they deserve.”- Robin Grant, Public Policy Director -->

Improving Conditions for Nursing Home Residents

Recent changes made to federal nursing home rules could very well result in a better quality of life for nursing home patients. The new rules and requirements will be implemented in three phases. The requirements and objectives of the new federal rules include: -Making the nursing home feel more like a home. One example of -->

Forced Arbitration and Nursing Home Abuse: An Update

Very recently the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare proposed a rule banning forced arbitration in federally funded long term facilities. Forced arbitration clauses are often signed without the resident, or their families, fully comprehending the legal implications of such clauses. Forced arbitration clauses limit/eliminate Nursing home residents’ rights to seek justice for wrongdoings, like abuse -->

Negligence of Nursing Home Staff Likely Contributed to Resident Death

On Friday, September 2nd a fight broke out at a Buffalo Nursing home between two elderly patients. One of the patients, an 83-year-old woman, died of her injuries.  According to authorities both patients involved in the altercation were suffering from dementia. The victim sustained serious injuries that ultimately lead to her death, including a punctured -->