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Ruthie’s Law, Another Step Towards Better Protecting Nursing Home Residents and Their Families

In August 2016 Ruth Murray, a nursing home resident, was brutally attacked by another resident, and later died of her injuries. Later investigations revealed that nursing home failed to notify Ms. Murray’s family about the initial injuries from the attack, and seemed to have downplayed the entire situation. Ruthie’s Law, which has been proposed by -->

Will New Nursing Home Requirements Make a Difference for our Country’s 1.4 Million Nursing Home Residents?

When the New York Times asked experts how they would grade the quality of our nation’s nursing homes the overall consensus implied there is significant room for improvement.  “Far too many have a long way to go to give residents the quality of care and quality of life they deserve.”- Robin Grant, Public Policy Director -->

Forced Arbitration and Nursing Home Abuse: An Update

Very recently the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare proposed a rule banning forced arbitration in federally funded long term facilities. Forced arbitration clauses are often signed without the resident, or their families, fully comprehending the legal implications of such clauses. Forced arbitration clauses limit/eliminate Nursing home residents’ rights to seek justice for wrongdoings, like abuse -->

Negligence of Nursing Home Staff Likely Contributed to Resident Death

On Friday, September 2nd a fight broke out at a Buffalo Nursing home between two elderly patients. One of the patients, an 83-year-old woman, died of her injuries.  According to authorities both patients involved in the altercation were suffering from dementia. The victim sustained serious injuries that ultimately lead to her death, including a punctured -->

The Fight to End Forced Arbitration by Nursing Homes Continues

A pivotal case is underway that could have a huge impact on the victim’s of nursing home abuse and their ability to hold nursing home staff and administration accountable. Currently, a clause found in some Nursing Home contracts, known as “mandatory arbitration/forced arbitration” makes it virtually impossible for victims to seek justice for nursing home -->