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Know the Stats and put your Fears in Check

We are all, consciously or subconsciously, afraid of something. While some people have very specific, individualized fears, there are some events and/or things that are known to invoke fear and/or anxiety amongst the masses. Each year the National Safety Council puts together a chart, ‘Odds of Dying’, which outlines your odds of dying based on -->

You Know Better, But You Do It Anyway. 5 Decisions That Commonly Lead to Injury

Every year nearly 40 million Americans will seek medical attention due to an unintentional injury. The vast majority of unintentional injuries could be prevented, yet day in and day out people find themselves in hospitals across the country, their lives completely turned upside down. So, why are unintentional injuries so prevalent? Because far too often -->

Preparing for Summer Fun, Firework Safety

Many towns throughout New York allow residential use of Fireworks, but just because it’s legal does not mean it’s safe. According to authorities each 4th of July thousands of people are injured while using consumer fireworks. In addition, fireworks are the known cause of approximately 18,500 fires each year. Here are a few safety tips from the -->

How Employers Are Failing their Staff

The National Safety Council asked approximately 2,000 workers about the safety culture in their workplace, and unfortunately, the results painted a discouraging picture of workplace safety in the U.S.: 36 percent feel their employers prioritize productivity over safety 30 percent say employees are afraid to report safety issues Only 62% say all employees are involved -->

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

According to experts, approximately 421,000 people are injured every year in distraction related crashes. Distracted drivers put each and every one of us at risk for serious injury and even death. Please join us this month as we promote Distracted Driving Awareness Month. “Technology allows us to make phone calls, dictate texts or emails and -->

In Response to Growing Number of Motor Vehicle Crash Fatalities Experts Press for Change

In 2016 approximately 4.6 million roadway users were seriously injured in car crashes, a 7% increase from the year prior. The National Safety Council recently released survey findings that offer insights into what driver behaviors are contributing to motor vehicle crashes. 64% of drivers admitted they are comfortable speeding, 47% of drivers admitted they are -->

Last Minute Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday related injuries sent nearly 15,000 people to emergency rooms in November and December in 2014. The National Safety council suggests keeping the following in mind as you rush to finish last minute decorating and shopping: • When hanging the last of the décor be sure to enlist the assistance of a helper, fall down -->

Back to School Driving Tips

According to a recent article published by the National Safety Council the number of annual traffic deaths is on the rise. 61 children are hit by cars every day in the United States. As the school year approaches we encourage you to utilize the following safety tips: 2016_back_to_school_blog.jpg

Before You Take Your Kids Out Sledding, Think Safety

As lawsuits mount along with injuries to children, some towns are banning sledding! Last year, an 11-year-old girl was sledding down a hill outside her home when she slammed into a picnic table. Her accident was so severe that she lost a kidney and half of her spleen, as well as puncturing a lung. She -->