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How Technology and Trucking Affects Us All

Automotive technology is constantly evolving, as is the motivation behind new designs, models, and features. While most motorists have gotten used to some of the features implemented in new model cars, many are unaware of how technology has effected the large-scale commercial trucks we share the road with. Here are some features added to some -->

Dangers for Motorcyclists

On Saturday, October 1st an Erie County motorcyclist died after colliding with a turkey vulture in the town of Evans.  Because cyclists aren’t able to predict or prevent animal interactions, offers the following advice: “Our best bet with animals is to be aware of the sorts of places and times animals are more likely -->

Tragic Guilderland Motorcycle Crash

The Albany community is mourning the death of a paramedic and educator. On May 26th the Guilderland paramedic was riding his motorcycle on Washington Avenue when a van pulled out in front of him. The van and motorcycle collided, tragically the cyclist died. The paramedic gave over 26 years of service to the Guilderland community. -->

Survivng a Traffic Jam

If you were on or around state route 84 Thursday, May 7th odds are you experienced what many consider to be one of the worst traffic jams the Beacon-Newburgh Bridge area has experienced in years. While traffic jams can invoke panic, frustrations, and even rage, keep these tips in mind to remain safe in the -->