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May is Motorcycle Safety Month

In 2015 nearly 100,000 motorcycle riders/passengers suffered injuries. May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Whether you drive on four wheels or two it is extremely important to learn more about safe driving practices. “The vast majority of vehicles on the road are not motorcycles. They’re cars and vans and trucks. It’s quite possible that -->

Dangers for Motorcyclists

On Saturday, October 1st an Erie County motorcyclist died after colliding with a turkey vulture in the town of Evans.  Because cyclists aren’t able to predict or prevent animal interactions, offers the following advice: “Our best bet with animals is to be aware of the sorts of places and times animals are more likely -->

Ways to be Safe on Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle accidents are extremely common. In fact, motorcycle riders are 8 times more likely to be injured in an accident than car drivers and 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than that of a car driver. However, becoming educated on the motorcycle rules of the road, as well as exercising -->

Fatal Greene County Motorcycle Crash

On Tuesday, April 19th a Greene County man was involved in a fatal motorcycle crash. The incident occurred in New Baltimore, a small town roughly 45 miles from Kingston, New York. According to authorities the motorcycle was traveling south near Aquetuck Road and RT9W when a van pulled out in front of the cyclist. The -->

Fatal I-90 Motorcycle Crash, Rumble Strips to Blame

Just weeks ago an Albany, New York man died in a motorcycle crash on Interstate 90. The victim was just 24 years old.  According to authorities the motorcyclist was traveling between Exits 5 and 4 just after 4:00pm when he hit rumble strips. He lost control of his bike and crashed into a guardrail. He -->

Surprised to Find the Number of Fatal Motorcycle Crashes Are Actually on the Rise?

The number of fatal motorcycle crashes has risen since the late 90’s. In a world where we have “smart cars” and more safety features than ever before why is the number of motorcyclist deaths higher than in years past? While there is no definitive answer there are several contributing factors.  Motorcycle – Motor vehicle Crashes -->

Motorcyclists Rally at State’s Capitol

This past Monday motorcyclists rallied to raise awareness about motorcycle safety in New York. Bikers joined together at the State’s Capitol. The purpose of the rally was to discuss motorcycle safety laws with lawmakers, and to increase public awareness of motorcycles on the road. Finkelstein and Partners has a long history of advocating for bikers, -->

Motorcycle Safety

As personal injury attorneys, we understand all too well the consequences of motorcycle crash. We urge new and seasoned drivers to stay safe and consider the following: Be sure your motorcycle is a good fit: When positioned on your bike, both feet should be able to rest on the ground without strain. Handlebars and controls -->

The Skully Smart Motorcycle Helmet Provides an Added Layer of Safety

Using an elaborate network of sensors, microprocessors, and a camera, the newly designed Skully AR-1 is able to deliver a Heads Up Display, with turn-by-turn GPS navigation, with information appearing approximately ten feet in front of the rider. The platform, called the Synapse platform, offers automatic infinitely variable focal distance, meaning that the GPS itself -->

Polaris Industries Recalls Motorcycles Due to Possible Engine Seizure

Polaris industries is recalling certain 2014 motorcycles because the crankcase might have been machines incorrectly, which could cause insignificant clearance between the crankcase and the crankshaft. These conditions can lead to unexpected engine seizure. Engine seizure could cause the operator of the motorcycle to lose control, which could increase the risk of a serious crash. -->