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Drone Law Considered for Rockland County

New York lawmakers are contemplating regulating the use of drones throughout the county. Drones, technically known as “unmanned aerial vehicles,” are more or less flying robots. These “flying robots” are commonly associated with the military, yet have grown increasingly popular in civil applications, such as traffic monitoring, weather monitoring and surveillance. The new law would -->

New York State’s Mobile Phone Laws: Don’t Text & Drive

Do you know all the laws in NYS when it comes to using a cell phone while driving? It’s important that you understand the consequences of texting and driving or any other form of distracted driving. Get the Facts: Illegal activity includes holding a portable electronic device and: •    Talking on a handheld mobile phone•   -->

Proposed Bill Would Require Chemical Testing for Alcohol after Serious Car Crash

New York State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require any driver involved in a serious crash to take a chemical blood alcohol test. The State Senate passed a bill last Monday that would require the police to collect the test for evidence and now the bill will be presented to the State Assembly. -->