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CSX Locomotive Fire in Kingston, NY

The Kingston Fire Department responded to reports of a train fire on Friday, December 14th.  The massive 97 car train was luckily free of any crude oil or toxic materials. The firefighters were able to contain the blaze in well under an hour.  The fire under different circumstances could have been devastating however due to -->

Suspicious Fires in Schenectady Area

Authorities are officially investigating a number of suspicious fires in the Schenectady area. The first of the fires began in a vacant building in late April. Since the late April fire there have been several other suspicious fires in vacant buildings. All of the fires have occurred in the late night/early morning hours. Officials report -->

Remember These Tips at Your Next Backyard Fire

Every year, fire related injuries send thousands to the emergency room. Taking some simple safety precautions may help reduce the risk of bon-fire injury. • Make sure your fire pit is never left unattended. It is especially important to ensure children and pets are never left alone near an active fire.• A wire mesh cover -->

Fire Training: Why is it Important in the Workplace?

Many businesses fail to give sufficient thought to workplace fire safety. In fact, many worker are quite clueless as to what to do to prevent fires and how to react when a fire does break out. Other than he ire drill, most workplaces place little to no emphasis on fire safety. The consequences of workplace -->

Thanksgiving Day Fires: Statistics and Safety Tips

Get the Facts • Cooking is the leading cause of home fires on Thanksgiving Day • Cooking fires nearly double on Thanksgiving Day, occurring more than twice as often than on another day. • Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and home fire injuries. • Thanksgiving Day home fires cause more -->

Daylight Savings Time is Near! How Should You Be Preparing?

As Daylight Savings Time ends every year on the first Sunday of November, clocks are set back one hour and the sun goes down earlier. This year it lands on November 2nd! But besides remembering to set all your clocks back an hour, Daylight Savings Time serves as a reminder to check the batteries in -->

October is Fire Prevention Month

October is fire prevention awareness month so today we’re releasing 10 home fire safety tips for you to start following in the month of October and continue for the rest of your life! The U.S. Fire Administration reports that fires kill more than 4,000 Americans each and every year. Approximately 20,000 people are injured in -->

Fire Safety in the Workplace

It’s important to be prepared in case of a fire emergency at work. The key to fire safety is practicing specific safety and prevention behaviors. Here are some simple fire safety tips for the workplace: Be Prepared •    Never lock or block fire exits, halls or stairways. Fire doors provide a way out in case -->

Holiday Lights: The Safety Tips You Need to Know

The holidays are approaching and we are starting to string our lights in and outside the house. A house lit up with lights is a beautiful sight but stringing lights around your home can be a safety hazard if you don’t take the proper precautions. Run through this checklist to make sure you’re being as -->