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Tips for Driving at Night and in Bad Weather

Driving in Night and Bad Weather.png With winter in full swing, night driving can be extremely dangerous in treacherous weather. Check out these simple safety tips for safe winter driving at night: • Slow down gradually and drive at a speed that suits the conditions – take it slower than normal. • Make sure the -->

Do You Know the Laws About Passing a Stopped School Bus?

Did you know an estimated 50,000 motor vehicles illegally pass New York State school buses every day? Do you know when to stop for a school bus? When a school bus flashes its large red lights located on the top of the bus, this means the bus is getting ready to stop to drop off -->

Major Retailers Fail to Install Car Seats Safely

false In an undercover investigation, 90% of child car seat retailers failed to properly install car seats for their customers. In the test, the retailers failed to fit two car seats in a standard family car. The results exposed serious problems and dangerous mistakes by what we believe to be professionals. The test sent car -->

Andrew Finkelstein & Attorney Liz Wolff Discuss the Dangers of Texting While Driving!

Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein and Attorney Liz Wolff spread the word about the dangers of texting while driving in these CBS6 Albany commercials! Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein Attorney Liz Wolff About our Commit to Quit Program: In 2011, we launched a public service campaign with the goal of making young  drivers aware of the dangers -->

Texting & Driving: Deadly and Illegal

New York State means business with violators of the new anti-texting and driving law. Law officers now have the right to stop and cite offenders of the state’s electronic distracted driving laws.  The new law, passed in July 2011, will help ensure that drives keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the -->