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Drivers Sentenced After Fatal Collisions

Everyday innocent people are injured and killed in preventable collisions. There’s simply no way to compensate for the loss of a loved one, but seeking justice and holding negligent parities accountable is a key factor in preventing future tragedies.  On Thursday, May 11th a Troy, New York woman was sentenced after pleading guilty to multiple -->

Why Some Drivers Take to the Roads with a Foot of Snow on Their Cars, What Lawmakers Plan to do About it

On the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee’s list of ‘Winter Safe Driving Tips’, the very first point listed instructs drivers to clear all snow and ice from vehicles prior to getting behind the wheel, because “It could hit and damage other vehicles or cause a crash.”- Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.  Although the State clearly recognizes falling -->

Are you a Restaurant Owner or Employee? Here’s a Great Way to Keep Patrons Safe and Build a Great Rapport within Your Community

Being in the hospitality industry can be challenging, to say the least. As a restaurant/bar owner or employee you have to walk a fine line between encouraging alcohol sales and keeping patrons safe. Drinking driving is a major issue in the states and abroad, but a Candian restaurant captured attention when they left an unexpected -->

What Today’s Graduates Know That We Didn’t

Today’s graduates live in a world with more opportunities and dangers than we could have ever imagined, but, with change comes possibility. Parents and teens, take a moment to consider what we knew then and what we know now, and ask yourself, ‘why shouldn’t this generation have a safer future than ever before?’.   The -->