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How Much Sun Can Our Four-Legged Friends Tolerate?

The American Humane organization recommends the following safety tips for keeping your pets healthy and happy during summer months: Never leave your dog in parked car; the temperature inside of a vehicle can quickly become unbearable, even on cool summer days. It is against the law to leave your pet unattended in a hot car -->

Habits of a Responsible Dog Owner

Any dog owner knows training a dog or puppy can be extremely taxing. However, when a person decides to bring a dog home they are making a commitment to the dog, their neighbors, and the community that he or she will put in the work to keep their dog and those it encounters safe. While each dog is -->

8 Ways to Prevent Dog Bites

Just got a new addition to the family? Check out these simple ways to help prevent your dog from becoming aggressive!: 1. Socialize Your Dog: If you just brought home a new puppy, the best thing to do is to introduce him or her to as many places, other dogs and people as possible! Assuming -->

Dog Bite Injuries & Prevention Tips in NY

We’ve handled thousands of dog bite cases. Watch Andrew Finkelstein discuss the injuries associated with dog bites and why children are the most common victims of dog bite cases in New York: If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a dog bite, contact Finkelstein & Partners for help. Learn more about -->

Dog Bite Prevention: Teaching Your Kids The Basic Safety Tips

About 4.7 million dog bites occur each year in the United States. More than half of the children bitten by dogs are under the age of 14. Some bites may be much more serious than a little nip and may actually lead to hospitalization or even surgery. Teach your kids a few basic dog manners -->

Dog Bite Liability: Who’s Responsible?

Dog bites result in thousands of injuries in the United States on a yearly basis. Dog bite injuries are serious and can include permanent scarring, psychological damage and even death. Liability for these injuries can be significant. Fortunately, most homeowner policies cover injuries inflicted by the homeowner’s dog. In most states under the common law, -->