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The Dangers of Texting & Driving Hits Home

If you’re traveling down Route 300 in Newburgh, New York you may have noticed the “Commit to Quit” banner hanging in front of our Newburgh location. On Route 17 just past Middletown keep an eye out for our Billboards, urging drivers to put the phone down. You may have also heard managing partner Andrew Finkelstein -->

You’re Fearful Your Teen is Texting and Driving: Teen Trends

Did you know the latest trend is for teens to take driving “selfies”? They use a Snapchat filter that records the speed at which the image is taken. This could be deadly! Talk to your teens about this and remind them that if they’re caught driving while holding a handheld device they could lose their license for -->

Do Our Teens Know the Real Risk Factors When They Get Behind the Wheel?

Although it takes many years to gain the sort of knowledge and expertise necessary to reduce the chances of an automobile crash, knowing and considering the risk factors that cause accident and injury may help to prevent such occurrences. Teenage drivers often do not have the skillset to recognize a “danger zone.” Common danger zones -->

Distracted Driving Not Getting Better

For all the criticism and bans, texting by drivers just keeps increasing, especially among younger motorists. About half of American drivers ages 21 to 24 say they’ve thumbed messages or emailed from the driver’s seat. And what’s more, many drivers don’t think it’s dangerous when they do it — only when others do. A national -->