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The Scary Truth about Moms and Car Seats

In a recent car seat safety study conducted by the director of Oregon’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Tom Sargent Safety Center, researchers found that out of the ~300 randomly selected new mothers “virtually none” were able to properly install a car seat. The study showed an alarmingly high number of mothers were inadvertently putting their newborns -->

The Taconic State Parkway- Multiple Fatal Crashes in One Weekend

The Taconic State Parkway is a popular choice for motorists, especially those who opt for the scenic route. Unfortunately, the roadway which dates back to the early 1900’s has been the host of countless accidents. Just this past weekend there were multiple fatal crashes on the Taconic.  8 people were injured and 3 people tragically -->

Top Car Seat Mistakes

It’s not uncommon for parents to make a handful of mistakes when it comes to car seats and car seat installation. As a parent, you may not even realize you are making these mistakes. To help, here are the top car seat mistakes parents make: 1. Moving Your Child Out of a Booster Seat Too -->

Highway Guardrails Can be Deadly!

Federal highway officials have long insisted that guardrails are safe, but some guardrails have caused serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Some guardrails are cut to form rail heads or end terminals and should be curled safely, but instead are cut into spears and when cars hit them they injure the occupants instead of cushioning the -->

Car Seat Installation: It’s Time We Get it Right

Check out this silly video from Buckle Up for Life. It’s their campaign to raise awareness on proper child passenger safety. Find the right seat, learn how to install, and get help in your area. Avoid these 10 most common mistakes parents make when it comes to car seat installation by following these simple -->

Proposed Bill Would Require Chemical Testing for Alcohol after Serious Car Crash

New York State lawmakers are considering a bill that would require any driver involved in a serious crash to take a chemical blood alcohol test. The State Senate passed a bill last Monday that would require the police to collect the test for evidence and now the bill will be presented to the State Assembly. -->

Did GM Reject Safer Ignition Switch Design in 2001 Because of Cost?

Newly released GM documents reveal that in 2001 the company considered, and then rejected, an ignition switch design that safety advocated say could have helped avoid the problem that led to the recall of millions of vehicles in 2014. Their reason for rejection: cost.The GM documents show that design was the same one GM quietly -->

Finding the Right Car Seat for Your Kids

Finding the right car seat for your child based on their age, weight and height is extremely important and necessary to keep them safe if an accident occurs. Here are some helpful tips on what car seat is appropriate for their age and how to correctly fit your child in the car seat.Birth – 12 -->