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Rules Keep Some VA Cancer Patients from Receiving Concurrent Care in Hospice

By Annette Boyle: Despite significant progress in expanding hospice and palliative care options within the VA, Medicare regulations continue to keep many dual-enrolled veterans from having the option of receiving disease-modifying treatment while receiving hospice. Read more here:

Newburgh Water

Just months ago Newburgh residents received news that no community ever wants to hear: the community’s water source had been contaminated.  It was discovered Newburgh’s water source contained Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid, or PFOS, a pollutant with the potential to cause a number of serious diseases, including kidney disease and some cancers.  Recently the assembly passed legislation -->

Focus on Raising Awareness About Healthy Habits to Prevent or Identify Breast Cancer Symptoms Earlier

October is not just about raising funds for fighting Breast Cancer. It’s also a month that is dedicated to raising awareness about the healthy habits that will make it harder for breast cancer to fight back. Share the below tips with your family members and friends. Although Breast Cancer is more common in women, the -->

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month! Pink is everywhere during this colorful time of year. This October marks the 5th year that our team at Finkelstein & Partners is Making Strides with the American Cancer Society at Woodbury Common for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign. Join us on October 19th at Woodbury Commons -->

Law to Improve Breast Cancer Detection Signed

On July 23 2012, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed a piece of New York state legislation designed to help improve breast cancer detection and prevention by requiring mammography services to inform patients if dense breast tissue is found during an exam. Currently, there are no requirements in law for patients to be alerted to breast -->