Stairway Accidents

Stairway accident

Over 1 million injuries occur each year due to stairway accidents. Staircase and stairway accidents account for the second leading cause of accidental injury, second to motor vehicle accidents. Stairway accidents cause 12,000 deaths each year.

Never mind a broken arm or leg, you can break your neck or back very easily from a staircase fall.

Was the Accident My Fault?

Sometimes a fall down a stairway is a simple trip due to loss of balance, but don't write it off to clumsiness right away. Sometimes a staircase fall is caused by some lack of maintenance by the homeowner or property owner. These are falls caused by various types of negligence.

What Are the Various Types of Staircase Negligence?

There are several types of negligence that can lead to a serious injury from a staircase fall. These can include:

  • Defects to the stairs, stairwell or stairway
  • Improper or inferior lighting
  • Dangerous stair risers
  • Damaged or faulty steps
  • Lose carpeting
  • Defective railings or handrails, including improper height of handrail

If you have suffered a injury as a result of someone else's negligence to maintain a staircase and you wish to recover financial damages, you can't do this alone. Contact an experienced attorney at Finkelstein & Partners immediately. We're here to help.


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