Sidewalk and Pothole Accidents

Sidewalk and Pothole Accidents Attorneys-Finkelstein & Partners

Not all property owners or municipalities provide proper sidewalk maintenance. A slip and fall on the sidewalk can lead to serious injury, including strains, pains, broken bones, and neck or back injury. Common causes of sidewalk slip and falls include wet, slippery, or icy sidewalk surface, potholes, uneven or cracked walkways, tree roots, obstacles, and disrepair. These are all due to the property owner's negligence.

Even if some defects in the ground result from aging concrete and weather, property owners are responsible for the safety of patrons who are on their property and are expected to keep up their property up to code. They have the responsibility to inspect all grounds of their property to ensure everything is safe and up to standards. 

What Should I Do if I Trip and Fall from a Defective Sidewalk?

If you are injured in slip and fall accident due to a defective sidewalk or pothole, it is important that you take photos of the defect as evidence. It is also important to measure the depth and width of the defect. Our team of investigators will come to the site and inspect the defect once call us. Make sure you give names and contact information of any witnesses and note if there have been any other complaints.

What Are My Next Steps?

We are experienced pothole and sidewalk accident attorneys and have won tens of thousands of dollars for our clients who have been involved in slip and fall accidents. Call our Hudson Valley pothole accident attorneys today for a free consultation.

Property owners may also be negligent and responsible for slippery floor accidents if proper precautions are not taken on their behalf. Click to learn more if you've been seriously injured as a result of slippery floor.