Our Mission

The Veterans Services Group (VSG)-Finkelstein & Partners

The mission of the Veterans Services Group is to serve the brave men and women who have risked their lives defending our freedom. We aim to competently represent Veterans with the same dedication they have shown in serving our country. Appealing a VA decision is often a long and cumbersome process that can be frustrating for even the most experienced Veterans. Going through an appeal with less than optimal health does not make it any easier. The VSG was created to provide guidance and support to Veterans throughout this difficult time. 

While the VSG may not always be able to assist a Veteran directly on his or her claim, our website is intended to provide vital information, tools, contacts, and news in a centralized location to Veterans and Veterans’ advocates across the country. These resources are designed both to aid Veterans and their family members in obtaining the benefits they deserve, and to connect advocates, community members, and attorneys with opportunities for professional growth and development in this practice area.


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