Defective Products

Defective product

It is a manufacturer’s responsibility to provide the public with safe, reliable products. When a company manufactures and sells defective equipment or products that cause injury to consumers, that company can be sued for damages.

Each year, defective products cause injury to hundreds of thousands of people.  If a defective product causes injury to a person, he/she can bring a negligence claim against the product manufacturer. Generally, there are three types of defects—design, marketing, and manufacturing.  

Design defect - something was defective in the product design

Marketing defect - there were no warnings, or inadequate warnings, about the danger that caused the injury

Manufacturing defect - the product was manufactured incorrectly. It may have been designed correctly, but something went wrong in the manufacturing process.

Because of their complexity of design, mechanical and motorized equipment are often sources of injuries due to product defects. These include:

  • Snow blowers
  • Lawn mowers
  • Power equipment and machinery
  • Power tools