Medication Errors

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In addition to 1 million people killed every year due to improper medication administration or medication errors, there are many reasons a particular patient should not receive a particular medication – allergy, pre-existing medical conditions, dangerous interactions with another medication, or the drug simply isn’t the right one to treat the issue at hand. When an improper medication is administered to a patient the results can be dangerous, even fatal.

What Causes Improper Medication Administration or a Medication Error?:

There are many factors that could contribute to medication errors, including:

  • Illegible doctor handwriting; incorrectly reading or interpreting prescription form
  • Lack of knowledge of the physician
  • Sloppy note taking
  • Confused drug names
  • Improper dispensing of medication by pharmacist
  • Incorrectly interpreting the prescriber's phone call to the pharmacy, resulting in dispensing improper medication
  • Misinterpreting drug and medication names and dosages, resulting in dispensing the improper medication
  • Prescribing and incorrect dosage that could result in over-dosage or under-dosage
  • A patient may be given a prescription inappropriate to his or her condition.
  • Pharmacist may inadvertently give the patient a medication other than the one prescribed.
  • Medications might be accidentally switched between two patients.

If a client loses their life due to improper medication administration or medication errors, their heirs may file a wrongful death lawsuit, which covers many of the same types of damages as a personal injury suit, with the addition of funeral and burial expenses and other damages. Medical malpractice is one of the most serious areas of negligence law because most medical errors are in fact avoidable.

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