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Propulsid is a prescription medication used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD); it was pulled from the market in 2000. The manufacturer of Propulsid, Janssen Pharmaceutical, only intended the drug to be used for a specific group of adult patients who had GERD, but were otherwise healthy. There are key contraindications with Propulsid that were often ignored or misunderstood by prescribers. Propulsid has been linked to dangerous cardiovascular side effects, especially among certain people who should not have taken the medication.

By the time Janssen announced their voluntary withdrawal of Propulsid, 381 cases of heart rhythm abnormalities and 80 deaths had been reported. Although the company strengthened Propulsid's warning label five times, it continued to be improperly prescribed. As a result, the company pulled Propulsid from the market, but it continues to be available to carefully screened and selected GERD patients through a limited-access program.

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