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Posicor is a prescription heart medication that was recalled from the market in 1998. It was used to treat people with angina and hypertension. A calcium-channel blocker, Posicor does not work in the same way as similar drugs. It lowers certain liver enzyme levels, which means that if a patient is taking another drug along with Posicor, the other drug may build up in the body rather than being broken down by the liver.

Posicor's manufacturer, Roche Laboratories, knew about this potential problem and tried to address it from the beginning by placing on Posicor's label a warning about potential adverse reactions with three specific drugs. Soon, however, the warnings had to be strengthened and the list of drugs that should not be taken in combination with Posicor increased. At the time of its recall, at least 25 drugs had been found to be dangerous when taken with Posicor. Both the FDA and Roche agreed that this number was too high to make more warning labels a practical solution. Instead, Posicor was recalled.

If you have been harmed by taking Posicor, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. Please contact us to learn more.