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Biking on a Rural Road: Pt 2

WTDW- BikingCntry 2.jpg Be a sight to see! It’s a fact; drivers on the road today are more distracted than ever. There are more fatal accidents on rural roads than in cities. Make sure that you’re wearing bright clothes so that approaching motorists are able to safely spot you and maneuver around you. 

You’re Fearful Your Teen is Texting and Driving: Pt 2

  WTD.Distracted Driving 2.jpg There’s an app for that! There are actually several app’s for that, one being Sprint’s “Drive First” app, which will automatically lock a mobile phone when the car is in motion. In the event of an emergency 911 can override the lock.

Biking on a Rural Road: Pt 3

WTDW- BikingCntry 3.jpg Riding into the sunset…although it sounds nice, it’s a bad idea. As the sun sets visibility is compromised, leaving you at higher risk of being struck by a car. If you find yourself mid-ride during sunset be mindful motorists are likely going to have a hard time seeing you. 

You’re Fearful Your Teen is Texting and Driving: Teen Trends

Did you know the latest trend is for teens to take driving “selfies”? They use a Snapchat filter that records the speed at which the image is taken. This could be deadly! Talk to your teens about this and remind them that if they’re caught driving while holding a handheld device they could lose their license for -->