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The Fight to End Forced Arbitration by Nursing Homes Continues

A pivotal case is underway that could have a huge impact on the victim’s of nursing home abuse and their ability to hold nursing home staff and administration accountable. Currently, a clause found in some Nursing Home contracts, known as “mandatory arbitration/forced arbitration” makes it virtually impossible for victims to seek justice for nursing home -->

Nursing Home Abuse, Is it Happening In Your County?

Did you know these counties have the most documented patterns of patient harm and jeopardy of harm? Source: Data from N.Y. State Comptroller Audit’s released 02/16.  fp_nh_revised.jpg If you or a loved one has been a victim or nursing home or neglect contact us as soon as possible, our dedicated attorneys are here to help.  -->

Nursing Home Resident’s Privacy & Dignity Violated

Nursing home abuse is often difficult to detect due to a number of reasons. Abused elders are often afraid to report abuse. Some nursing home residents are unable to report abuse due to physical or mental limitations. In some more rare cases abuse isn’t reported because the resident never knew it occurred. In December 2015 an article -->

Accountability in Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

According to a report from the N.Y.S. Comptroller, the N.Y.S Department of health issued 42,585 citations rated with a potential for more than minimal harm from 2012-2015. nh_fine_quote_fp.jpg The department has the ability to impose fines in these instances but chooses not to. Holding Nursing home administration accountable is a key component to preventing patient -->

Our Response to a Shocking Report on New York Nursing Homes

Late last month the state published findings collected in New York State nursing homes between January 2007 and May 2015. The results were troubling to say the least. In response Finkelstein & Partners  formed the Elder Law Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney practice group. According to the audit the state has operated for years -->

Medicare cracks down on Standards for Nursing Home Care.

Last week saw the star rating of almost a third of the nation’s nursing home fall, as federal officials made adjustments after criticism was aimed at them for inaccurate and inflated numbers. The decision was made in hopes that it would aid consumers in making the difficult choice between home care providers a little easier. -->

How Old is Too Old to Drive?

Adults ages 65 and older are responsible for 14% of traffic fatalities, and 17% of all pedestrian fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. So how do you know when your elderly loved one’s driving skills are being impaired and when it is time to take them off the road? Use this checklist to -->

The Drawbacks to Privately Run Long-Term Care

A healthcare adjustment is underway in many states: a strong effort to slow down the increasing Medicaid cost of long-term care as people live longer and survive more disabling conditions. At least 26 states, including New York, are implementing mandatory programs that put billions of dollars in privately managed long-term care plans, in the hopes -->