$12.7 Million Settlement : Unsafe Working Conditions

Andrew G. Finkelstein, managing partner,  and firm partner Kenneth Fromson, obtained a settlement of $12,750,000 for our injured client on the day the jury was to be selected. Our client, a 49 year old truck driver for a retail auto supply store, sustained broken bones in both feet when he stepped off an unprotected edge and fell 10 feet to the warehouse floor while making a delivery. 

$2,300,000 Settlement : Workplace Accident

General contractors and property owners have the absolute responsibility to protect workers from falls of heights. New York Labor Law Section 240 requires it. When our client, a roofer, was not provided a tie off or appropriate scaffolding that would have protected him from falling from the roof he was working on, he fell to the ground and was killed. After starting a suit and conducting depositions, the Judge agreed the general contractor and property owner failed to provide the very safety device that would have prevented our client's death.

work related injuries

Last October two asphalt workers were killed on the job in a flash fire/explosion. A third worker survived the blast with non-life-threatening injuries.

An investigation conducted by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s cited two serious violations:

-Not taking precautions against having sources of ignition where flammable vapors are present

-Not having employees wear proper personally protective uniforms while handling hot asphalt

$800,000 Mediation Award : Workplace accident/ Fall from ladder

This case arises from a labor law violation regarding a fall from a ladder.  Our client, a 57 year old Pennsylvania man, was checking for a water leak at a laboratory that was undergoing a gut renovation.  He was working alone, and had to move his ladder several times to determine the source of the leak.  He was on the fourth rung of the ladder with his head inside the dropped ceiling when the ladder gave way, causing him to drop to the ground.  He hit a table on the way down and landed on his shoulder.

$1,500,000 Settlement : Workplace Accident

Our client, a 25 year old Newburgh, NY man, was working for a large cable company installing fiber optic cable. He was helping to hitch a trailer to a pick up truck when the trailer shifted on its own and the steel hitch swung and hit him in the ankle. He suffered a fractured right leg and a dislocated right ankle. Both injuries required surgery with installation of hardware. Further surgery was required after 60 physical therapy sessions did not help his pain. His doctor stated he will need an ankle fusion in the future.

$3,000,000 Settlement : Workplace Accident

A Middletown man who was severely injured on a construction site has settled for $3 million during the second week of trial in Orange County Supreme Court. In 2001, our 52 year-old client was working as a diesel mechanic during the installation of a sprinkler system in a building at Stewart International Airport when a pipe connection separated under water pressure and exploded. He was hospitalized for nearly four months due to his extensive injureies, which included being impaled by eight inch bolts. Attorney George M.

$2,700,000 Settlement : Workplace Accident

Construction sites are always dangerous and New York has special laws to protect workers. General contractors must provide safety devices to prevent falling objects. Unfortunately, the General Contractor at a work site in Syracuse chose not to provide the very safety netting that would have protected our client. After a tool fell and struck our client in the shoulder, he was unable to work again in the construction industry following multiple surgeries.