Glenville plant explosion

On Monday, October 17 multiple workers were injured on the job at a Glenville, NY asphalt plant. The workers suffered burns from a tanker truck blast. According to officials it wasn’t initially clear what caused the blast, but preliminary evidence suggests the valve of the tanker could have malfunctioned.

Firefighters from a number of fire departments worked to contain the fire. Police closed the bridge at Erie Boulevard and Maxon Road extension as a safety precaution. 

Injury free culture

Every day workers are hurt on the job, often at no fault of their own. Dekra Insight, an organization of safety consultants and business owners, suggests implementing the following 5 steps for an injury free culture. 

1. Establish Alignment & Ownership- this begins when leaders take ownership for safety outcomes and the conditions, climate, and culture that influence those outcomes. 

Injured worker transported to an area hospital

A Walden, New York construction worker was directing traffic on Broadway St. in Kingston on May 13th when he was struck by an excavator.

The workers were repairing a Central Hudson Gas & Electric gas main when the incident occurred. According to authorities the excavator was backing up when it struck the Walden worker.

The injured worker was transported to an area hospital, where he was treated for serious injuries, including a broken leg.