Project lifesaver

Project Lifesaver was designed to bring peace of mind to the loved ones of those prone to wandering.

Who wanders?

Wandering is a behavior associated with various conditions, including those with head injuries (or traumatic brain injuries), Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, down syndrome, dementia, and those on the autism spectrum.

How does wandering effect caregivers and loved ones?

Brain injury

The Finkelstein and Partners’ Neurolaw Trial Group is dedicated to providing first-rate legal services to victims suffering from the effects of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Understanding the long term effects of a TBI is often instrumental in ensuring our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Long term effects of brain injuries

Experts are continuously seeking ways to accurately diagnose brain injuries in a timely fashion. When a patient is diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, many of their questions, including, “what will the long term effects be?” are difficult, if not impossible, to answer.

There are a number of variables that contribute to long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) 

1) severity of initial injury