Tragic 1-88 crash

On Sunday, January 22 a tragic 1-88 crash resulted in three fatalities. According to officials a sedan crossed a median on 1-88 near exit 25A. The sedan struck a small SUV carrying a Schenectady family. Two of the five family members (the mother and father) died upon impact. Their three children were injured and transported to Albany Medical Center. The driver of the sedan was also transported Albany Medical Center, where he later died of his injuries. 

Anti distracted driving

On Thursday, November 3rd we had the opportunity to visit Suny Orange, in Newburgh New York, to give a free presentation about the dangers of distracted driving. Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein offered students a new perspective on distracted driving, and also spoke to students about his experiences learning, living, and working in Newburgh. 

Work Zone Crashes

This summer thousands will enjoy road trips to the tristate's various summer  vacation destinations, bringing an influx of traffic and sometimes, headaches. 

The Department of Transportation (DOT) regularly publishes information about what drivers should and shouldn’t do in work zones. This summer the DOT is pushing drivers to “obey the orange,” which means obey the posted speed limit and to proceed with caution. 

While April marks the end of a long, snow covered winter, spring weather presents us with a new set of safety exposures to be aware of while behind the wheel.  Always make sure your tires are safe. Balding tires will slide especially on newly-wet pavement.

Rain/Flooding: Even if it’s simply misting, reduce your speed, after all it doesn’t take much water to cause slippery conditions. To help avoid a pile up, make sure you increase your following distance.

The holiday season is a time for alcohol excess. But now you don’t have to worry about leaving your car somewhere if you are too intoxicated to drive home, thanks to BeMyDD, a new cab service that dispatches a driver to meet you at your event and drive you and your vehicle back safely.

Planning on heading out to a loved one’s for the holidays? Make sure you following these safe driving tips first!:

• Look out for negligent drivers on the road. There tends to be a lot of drinking around the holidays and some people may make irresponsible decisions and get in their car when they are impaired. Make sure you aren’t driving at night and keep an extra eye out for swerving cars.

For new drivers, parallel parking can be one of the most difficult things to do as a driver. Here are some parallel parking tips for inexperienced drivers or experienced drivers who may be a little rusty:

• Practice with cones or large boxes.

• If you’re uncomfortable with your angle of approach, pull back out and start over.

• When parking, leave the car in front of you enough space to get out.