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Did you know more that 1/3 of elderly dementia patients suffer some form of psychological or physical abuse? The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates over a million Americans over the age of 65 have been abused by a loved one or caregiver.

Why are so many elderly patients and residents failed by a system built to serve them? It appears that many issues stem from healthcare administration.

nursing home abuse

If you have a loved one in a Nursing Home you should consider familiarizing yourself with signs and symptoms associated with Nursing Home abuse/neglect. The percentage of abused or neglected nursing home residents who actually report abuse is startlingly low. Below is a list of indicators of abuse and neglect. Some symptoms listed could be a result of existing health conditions, while others, like pressure ulcers (bed sores) are more telling of abuse/neglect.

Nursing Home Abuse

The last thing anyone thinks about when it comes time to putting a loved one in a nursing home is nursing home abuse. However, it is an important matter to consider, as it is quite common. In the event that nursing home abuse or negligence is present, being able to spot the warning signs will be an advantage in seeking timely help for your loved one.

nursing home neglect

A pivotal case is underway that could have a huge impact on the victim’s of nursing home abuse and their ability to hold nursing home staff and administration accountable.

nursing home resident privacy

Nursing home abuse is often difficult to detect due to a number of reasons. Abused elders are often afraid to report abuse. Some nursing home residents are unable to report abuse due to physical or mental limitations. In some more rare cases abuse isn’t reported because the resident never knew it occurred.

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Late last month the state published findings collected in New York State nursing homes between January 2007 and May 2015. The results were troubling to say the least. In response Finkelstein & Partners  formed the Elder Law Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorney practice group.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys