Motorcyclist Receives $979,000 Balance of $1,000,000 Insurance Policy

Motorcycle riders have the same rights to the road as anyone else.  Unfortunately, a pick-up driver didn’t think so and pulled out from a stop sign directly in front of our client, who was on his Harley Davidson enjoying a beautiful summer day in Binghamton in Broome County.   Our client, who was retired, tried to avoid the crash by laying down his bike, but the truck kept going and ran him over.  The police issued a ticket to the pick-up driver for failing to yield the right of way.

$275,000 Verdict - Motorcyclist Hit by Distracted Driver

While riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle on a beautiful fall day in Rome, NY, our client had to slow for traffic ahead of him. A distracted driver behind him didn’t slow at all and hit the motorcycle in the rear, ejecting our client. The crash was so hard that it caused over $13,000 of damage to the bike. Our client, a NYS Corrections Officer was badly hurt. He broke a bone in his low back and had a concussion. The car’s insurance was only $100,000 which we collected.

January 2017 - Joseph C.

I was with another law firm for over a year and they did no work on my case. When I came to Finkelstein's office they started my lawsuit, did depositions and got me a big settlement - all in less than a year! My trial attorney Sharon Scanlan was amazing and the staff at the Finkelstein office was so helpful. I am so glad I switched to Finkelstein & Partners to represent me in my motorcycle case.

December 2016- Daniel E.

Last October I was travelling in Bristol N.Y on my motorcycle and was run down at an intersection by a young, careless driver. I was struck by car and was thrown into a ditch and was injured seriously. After I was released from the hospital I was referred to Finkelstein and Partners in Syracuse. Everyone was pleasant and helpful through this difficult process. The personal injury lawyers knew just hot to handle a motorcycle crash case and I would definitely recommend them.

Motorcycle accident

On Saturday, October 1st an Erie County motorcyclist died after colliding with a turkey vulture in the town of Evans. 

Because cyclists aren’t able to predict or prevent animal interactions, offers the following advice: “Our best bet with animals is to be aware of the sorts of places and times animals are more likely to be found, to be extra vigilant for animals, to slow down and maybe cover the brakes.”