We are all, consciously or subconsciously, afraid of something. While some people have very specific, individualized fears, there are some events and/or things that are known to invoke fear and/or anxiety amongst the masses. Each year the National Safety Council puts together a chart, ‘Odds of Dying’, which outlines your odds of dying based on cause. Below are common fears, along with your chance of dying as a result of that item/event.

Monroe, N.Y. – A NYPD officer is listed is serious but stable condition after an accident on the New York State Thruway. 

According to officials the officer was traveling in the Monroe area of the Thruway, just past exit 16 when he rear-ended another vehicle. The impact caused the officer’s Jeep wrangler to roll over. 

Motor vehicle traffic injuries are the second leading cause of injury related death for Albany County residents, according to the NYS Department of Health.

24 Albany County residents die due to traffic injuries every year:

• Of these deaths, 8 are occupants, 8 are unspecified persons, 3 are motorcyclists, and 3 are pedestrians.