$575,000 Settlement : Nursing Staff Not Properly Trained

After significant abdominal surgery under general anesthesia, our client remained heavily sedated by medications. During a standard procedure a tube was inserted through his throat and attached to a breathing machine to maintain the airway. The tube is kept in place with a device that in essence is a balloon. While cleaning the airway the nurse over-inflated the balloon causing it to burst and our client to die due to suffocation.

Non-profit Hospitals

A number of alarming issues surrounding New York State hospitals have recently made headlines. While activists, victims, and concerned citizens ban together to push for better quality healthcare, some non-profit doctors and execs are enjoying extravagant perks, like first class plane tickets, chauffeurs, and country club memberships. 

Patients safety

On May 6th cities across the State of New York held rallies calling for the passage of the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act.

“The Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act (S.782/A.8580-A) is a bipartisan bill in the State Legislature with wide support that calls on hospitals to maintain a responsible number of nurses to patients – ensuring better care and saving lives.” -PRNewswire

The New York State Senate passed legislation to reduce the occurrence of unexpected medical charges. In recent years, patients have suffered unfair economic outcomes in exchange for necessary medical care. Thousands patients were treated by physicians and hospital staff that were not within their network of providers, resulting in steep medical bills.

$2,000,000 : Negligence

When parents allow their kids to go on school trips they expect adequate supervision.  That’s just what our clients thought would happen when they let their 7th grader in a Binghamton school district middle school take a class science trip.  Part of the science exhibition was demonstrating a huge sling shot.  Water balloons were being propelled 40 yards.  Our client was standing 60 yards down the field talking to some friends when a water balloon struck her in the face causing her to lose an eye.

Medical Negligence

What is Medical and Hospital Negligence?

When a doctor makes an incorrect diagnosis, fails to treat a patient's condition promptly, issues a wrong prescription, or neglects to administer appropriate care, the patient may suffer serious injury. The victim and his or her family may be overwhelmed with medical bills and other costs. In cases of permanent disability, the victim may never be able to work again. Victims and their families may also endure lasting emotional pain and suffering.

Medical Malpractice

Introduction to Medical and Dental malpractice in New York

A claim of medical malpractice can be brought when there’s been a medical error that causes injury or damage, and certainly this involves cases in hospitals, as well as surgical incidents. Here the result would not have occurred without the physician’s or hospital's negligence and as result, if that should happen to you or a family member, we would ask that you call us right away.