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Be Prepared for a Safe and Happy Holiday

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year. It is also a time to -->

Distracted Driving Not Getting Better

For all the criticism and bans, texting by drivers just keeps increasing, especially among younger -->

Low-Cost Buses Found To Have High Fatality Rate

A recent article in the New York Times addressed the high incidence of fatal accidents -->

Texting & Driving: Deadly and Illegal

New York State means business with violators of the new anti-texting and driving law. Law -->

Personal Watercrafts: Potentially Deadly Fun

Personal watercrafts can be highly dangerous vehicles, even for trained professionals. In 2008, the U.S. -->

Check Your Tires: Tire Safety Tips

Tire failures, blowouts and de-treads are preventable events. Tires will wear at some point and -->

Avoiding Driver Fatigue

While the National Transportation Safety Board continues its investigation regarding the Bronx bus accident, killing -->

Bicycle Basics: How to avoid bicycle related injuries

Spring is just a couple of days away. As the warm weather approaches more bicycles -->

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

As winter settles in, snowy and icy conditions can make roads and walking surfaces slick. -->