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How Serious Are Rear-End Crashes?

Each year there are roughly 1.7 million rear-end crashes in the U.S. [1].  Annually, more than 1,500 people lose their lives in rear-end crashes, and approximately 500,000 people are injured. These staggering figures leave many questioning why are these crashes so common, and what can be done to prevent rear-end crashes.

A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found nearly 90% of all rear-end crashes occurred due to driver inattention. We’ve all witnessed drivers looking at their phones, looking directly at their passengers, doing their makeup, lighting a cigarette, or various other activities while driving. Although the majority of the behaviors mentioned above are “legal”, it doesn’t mean they are safe. These are the type of behaviors that cause serious motor vehicle crash injuries and fatalities every day.

Speed is also a major contributing factor in many rear-end crashes. When a driver exceeds the speed limit, he or she reduces the likelihood that they’ll be able to stop suddenly. Weather conditions also increase the likelihood of rear-end crashes. When the roads are wet with rain, snow, or ice it may be unsafe to travel the posted speed limit. Unfortunately, everyday drivers fail to put safety first and in doing change the lives of innocent motorists.

We recently settled a case on behalf of a client who was rear-ended in Wappingers Falls. A reckless driver failed to notice a red light and slammed into our client’s vehicle and another vehicle. If the driver that caused the car crash was focused on the road and had not been speeding it is likely the entire crash could have been avoided. Our client, a 49-year-old Dutchess County resident, suffered whiplash, painful spinal cord injuries, lower back injuries, and a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Her injuries caused an array of conditions and symptoms, including radiating pain, limited mobility, and memory/concentration issues (consistent with her TBI diagnosis). Our team of personal injury attorneys ultimately settled the case for $250,000. Click here to continue reading about this case and other recent case results.

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