Uber distracted driving

Uber drivers are dependent upon the Uber app to inform them where a passenger is, where they want to go and what the fare will be. They are notified by a ping on their phone along with additional information as to where the pick-up will be. During the ride, the Uber driver may use the phone for directions, or to pick up other passengers. In other words, an Uber driver spends a lot of time looking at, and being distracted by, their phone.

Uber - Risks and Rewards

On June 1st New York State Senate approved a bill that permits ridesharing companies to operate in Upstate New York Communities.

Uber is perhaps the most widely recognized ridesharing service currently available. Uber services are currently available in 462 cities and also the New York metro area. For those of you who live Upstate and aren’t familiar with Uber, here’s how it works:

UBER on the move

Several upstate New York mayors, including Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, Binghamton Mayor Richard David and Stephanie Miner, Mayor of Syracuse have publicaly announced their support of proposed legislation to allow Uber to expand upstate.