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Financing Brain Injury Research with the N.F.L.’s Money

The National Institutes of Health announced that it plans to use a portion of the NHL’s $30 million grant to finance research projects that will help answer some questions regarding how and why athletes sustain traumatic brain injuries. The agency said $12 million would go toward the research of two projects trying to identify chronic -->

Ryan Freel is the First Baseball Player to be Diagnosed with a Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

Ryan Freel, a six year veteran with the Cicinnati Reds, is known for his ostentatious, fearless style. He estimated that he has sustained 10 concussions in his MLB career. Off the field, Freel suffered from depression and substance abuse. His repeated injuries led him to retire from baseball in early 2010. One year ago, Freel, -->

Want to Know if Your Family Is Safe? There’s an App For That!

A new app called Life360 is an accurate and powerful tool for locating your family members. It uses GPS technology to track your family and friends’ locations and let’s you know when they are safe or in need of help! The app allows you to chat one-on-one wit heveryone within each of your “Circles”. You -->

What Makes Drivers Share The Road Better with Cyclists?

Over 20 states in the U.S. have established laws that require motorists to leave at least 3 feet of space when passing bicyclists. A recent study published in the journal Accident Analysis & Prevention provides information as to how much distance motorists actually leave and whether a rider’s apparel made a difference in the space -->

What Will Medicine Consider Unethical in 100 Years?

What we as humans perceive as “right” and “wrong” have changed dramatically over the years in terms of medicine. For example, lobotomies, operations in which doctors break connections in patients’ brains to treat conditions such as depression. At the height of lobotomy practice in the 1940s, prior to advancements in mental health care, this ice-pick-through-the-eye-socket -->

Contractors & Workers at Odds over Scaffold Law

In 1885, lawmakers in NY enacted a law intended to provide safety to construction workers who found themselves facing great danger while working at high heights. The measure, known as the Scaffold Law, required employers on building sites to ensure the safety of laborers working above the ground. Recently, contractors and property owners have renewed -->

Preventable Hospital Deaths Are Third Largest Cause of Death in U.S.

Going to the hospital is supposed to help you, but in many cases it can be the worst thing for you. Recently, health care experts determined that preventable hospital error caused nearly 98,000 deaths a year in the United States. However, another study from the Journal of Patient Study suggests that number is much higher -->

The 15 Jobs That Are Most Damaging to Your Health

Some jobs have more health risks than others. Is yours? Check out this list of the top 15 jobs that are the most damaging to your health in order!: 1.      Histotechnologists and Histologic Technicians: the reason why these jobs are the most damaging to your health is because these workers are constantly exposed to hazardous -->

10 Former NHL Players Sue League over Serious Head Injuries

10 former NHL players are suing the league for negligence and fraud. The players filed their suit in federal court in Washington. One of the lawyers is Mel Owens, a former NFL player who has represented scores of other retired players in workers’ compensation cases. The hockey players include players like Rick Vaive and Darren -->

Lawyers Say Train Engineer Was Dazed Before Crash

Engineer of the Metro-North train that derailed early Sunday morning, William Rockefeller, told authorities on Tuesday that he had become dazed before the accident, suffering from “highway hypnosis”, as his lawyer called it. Mr. Rockefeller’s lawyer, Jeffrey P. Chartier said Rockefeller was cooperative and was “extremely remorseful.” Mr. Rockefeller told the National Transportation Safety Board -->