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Fire Weather Watch

Last week more than 20 fire companies joined together to prevent the spread of a blaze which reached more than 2,400 acres of the Shawagunk Ridge and Roosa Gap State forest. The fire increased and sustained due to environmental conditions. Not long before the fire began, the National Weather Service posted a Red Flag warning -->

Puppy Mills in New York

The ASPCA is currently leading a campaign to prohibit pet stores from purchasing puppies from “puppy mills.” According to the ASPCA, a puppy mill is a “large-scale commercial dog breeding operation where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.” Seven customers who purchased puppies from a Poughkeepsie pet store have reported their -->

Remember These Tips at Your Next Backyard Fire

Every year, fire related injuries send thousands to the emergency room. Taking some simple safety precautions may help reduce the risk of bon-fire injury. • Make sure your fire pit is never left unattended. It is especially important to ensure children and pets are never left alone near an active fire.• A wire mesh cover -->

Drone Law Considered for Rockland County

New York lawmakers are contemplating regulating the use of drones throughout the county. Drones, technically known as “unmanned aerial vehicles,” are more or less flying robots. These “flying robots” are commonly associated with the military, yet have grown increasingly popular in civil applications, such as traffic monitoring, weather monitoring and surveillance. The new law would -->

Family of Four Suffers Pesticide Poisoning During Vacation in Virgin Islands

On March 20th paramedics were called to Sirenusa resort in St. John, a luxury vacation rental property after a family of four (mother, father, and two sons) had fallen intensely ill. Investigators believe the families symptoms were a result of pesticide poisoning- caused by acutely toxic pesticide methyl bromide. According to the EPA, methyl bromide can -->

Americans Killed on Lufthansa Flight 4U9525 Can Expect to be Awarded More Than Other Nationals

Due to international conventions, including the Montreal Convention of 1999, it is very difficult for an airline to escape responsibility for passenger deaths and set a “strict liability” in the event of a crash at around $170,000 per victim. Families can submit additional compensation claims, including for loss of support and suffering, far in excess -->

4 People Injured due to Chairlift Malfunction at a Popular Ski Slope.

The popular Catskills Sugarloaf Mountain, was the scene of an emergency last weekend, after the popular resort chairlift malfunctioned.   Reports revealed that four people were injured and some skiers were left stranded on the lift.  Mountain safety crews evacuated the lifts. The incident is under investigation but currently the cause remains unknown. Read our -->

Court Rules in Applebee’s Favor After a Man was Burned by a Sizzling Fajita he was Praying Over.

A New Jersey Court dismissed a lawsuit filed against Applebee’s after a man lowered his head to pray and was burned by a splash of hot oil. It was claimed by the man that the waitress failed to mention that the dish was hot, and in his panic of being burned knocked over the dish -->

Winter 2015 Blood Drive – Helping out during a Blood Shortage Emergency

Someone needs blood every two seconds!  The New York Blood Center is in a Blood Shortage Emergency. One pint of blood saves three lives. The rarest blood type is the one that’s not there when it’s needed, so every donation counts. There is only one resource for Human blood, please help us make a difference in our community, and -->

Newburgh Library gets a visit from Tail Waggin’ Tutors

The Tail Waggin’ Tutors program stopped by Newburgh Library last week. The program was set up to help improve children’s reading levels by allowing them to overcome shyness using the pets as their reading partners. Kathy Sheehan-Trappe and Joanne Woodruff volunteer their service dogs to the program.  View video of the program here   (Pictured -->