Nursing home resident

Placing a loved one in a nursing home facility is a difficult decision. We want them to be treated with kindness and compassion and to receive the best medical treatment available. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a sad fact of life for many of these residents. It can be difficult to ascertain whether your family member is being mistreated, ignored or even assaulted.

ski accident

The feeling of skiing down a mountain on a beautiful, sunny day in the Albany area is one of the best things to do in the winter. However, falling and being seriously injured happens all the time in this kind of sport. If you become seriously injured while at a ski resort, your legal rights are dependent upon how your injury occurred.

Uber distracted driving

Uber drivers are dependent upon the Uber app to inform them where a passenger is, where they want to go and what the fare will be. They are notified by a ping on their phone along with additional information as to where the pick-up will be. During the ride, the Uber driver may use the phone for directions, or to pick up other passengers. In other words, an Uber driver spends a lot of time looking at, and being distracted by, their phone.

Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice is a term describing what happens if a doctor, healthcare professional, health care facility, or hospital fails to provide care for an individual in accordance with the accepted standards of the medical profession and that individual becomes injured or ill as a result. Accordingly, there are three basic elements to prove in a medical malpractice claim. These are:

surgical error

The World Health Organization created a checklist for surgeons to prevent surgical errors because it is estimated that in the United States, surgeons operate on 200 to 300 wrong patients each year. Close to 2,500 patients have had the wrong part of their body operated on and patients have died because surgeons have removed the wrong organ or left surgical instruments in the body cavity.

Medical malpractice

Patients in a hospital are entitled to a certain basic level of care. If conditions, events or conduct in that hospital result in harm to a patient, that individual has the right to sue the hospital for malpractice. However, it can become difficult to determine whether the hospital or doctor is liable.

Nursing home abuse

Physical abuse in nursing home facilities is defined as the use of force against a person that results in physical pain, injury or impairment. Besides physical assault such as pushing, shoving and hitting, it also includes the inappropriate use of restraints and drugs, as well as confinement.