Elder Abuse Awareness

Sadly, every year an estimated 5 million older Americans are victims of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation. June is elder abuse awareness month, we encourage you to learn more and join in our efforts to spread awareness. 

Driving is dangerous, cars are dangerous, we’ve all heard variations of this message. Yet, everyday drivers make bad decisions, and because of those decisions, lives are lost and innocent people suffer life-altering injuries. As personal injury attorneys, it’s our job to tell our client's stories and to ensure they receive the justice they deserve. Justice means different things to different people.

Today we celebrated three members of our F&P family and wished them well in their retirement. Collectively, Human Resources Director Dr. Carl Gold, Referral Coordinator Donna D’Ortona, and Paralegal Carolyn Harvey have spent more than 51 years assisting our clients and contributing to the firm.

According to experts, in 2016 more than 250,000 students ages 5 to 18 were bullied in New York alone. Any repeated interpersonal behavior between children/adolescents, intended to cause physical or psychological harm is considered bullying.

Most instances of bullying fall into one of these four categories: