Veterans benefits

Approximately 4.55 million Veterans receive disability benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. More than 9 million receive health care benefits, and more than 6 million receive life insurance benefits. Just under 3 million have received home loans through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, close to 1 million have received education benefits, and just under 300,000 have received pensions through the government program.

Workers compensation

In most states, small business owners are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance for their employees to cover medical care, rehabilitation and wage replacement costs in case an employee becomes injured or sick on the job. Specific rules can vary from state to state, but the following are the general questions most commonly asked by business owners:

Medical malpractice

After a complex labor and delivery, most mothers do not want to question their doctor because we want to believe that our medical team did everything possible to ensure a safe delivery. But if your baby is injured, expensive treatments, therapies and equipment will cost untold amounts of money to help him or she reaches their full potential. Any birth injury could have been caused by medical mistakes.

Construction accident

There are several ways for construction site injuries to occur, but certain types of accidents happen on a more frequent basis. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the government agency that supervises workplace safety, has named four general types of accidents that were responsible for over 60% of all construction worker deaths in 2014.

Semi-truck accident

It is obvious that semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers and other extra-large commercial vehicles are much larger and weigh much more than standard automobiles. It then comes as no surprise that the injuries and damage from an accident involving a truck of this size can be far more catastrophic than the injuries from a smaller vehicle. There are a variety of situations that can lead to a serious truck accident:

Product recall

It is safe to say that most people experience food poisoning at least once in their lives. If you have ever had food poisoning, you know the misery it brings. How long and how ill you become is dependent on the type of ‘poison’ that entered your system, whether it be a norovirus, E. coli, listeria, etc. You may be wondering if you are able to file a lawsuit against the restaurant or grocery store that distributed or manufactured the food that made you ill.

According to the latest statistics, motor vehicle fatalities are on the rise, and there is no question that driver distraction is a major contributing factor.

Shocking but true: recent stats show the rate at which retail workers are injured or become ill is higher than the rate construction workers are injured or become ill. Many shoppers forget that before items hit the aisles of stores, there are numerous workers loading and unloading trucks, stocking warehouses, scanning and bagging items, and so on. These workers are especially susceptible to certain injuries and conditions.