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Military Failing to Diagnose Traumatic Brain Injuries

A vast majority of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries that remain undiagnosed.  The military has apparently taken the position that where there is no visible evidence of head trauma, there can be no brain injury.  However, medical fact proves otherwise. The study of brain injury has proven that the -->

N.F.L. Asserts Greater Risks of Head Injury – This article copied from the 7/26/10 edition of the NY Times

N.F.L. Asserts Greater Risks of Head Injury By ALAN SCHWARZ Published: July 26, 2010 This article was copied from the 7/26/10 edition of the New York Times The National Football League is producing a poster that bluntly alerts its players to the long-term effects of concussions, using words like “depression” and “early onset of dementia” that those close to -->

New VA regulations for P.T.S.D. truly beneficial to Veterans?

The VA recently announced, and President Obama recently endorsed, new VA regulations concerning service connection for P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) claims. The new regulations, though touted as liberalizing the evidentiary standard for Veterans claiming service connection for P.T.S.D., will nonetheless require confirmation by a VA psychiatrist/psychologist, that the claimed “stressor” while in service, was adequate -->

July 6, 2010: Bloom celebrates 25 years with Finkelstein & Partners

NEWBURGH (July 6) – Newburgh resident Ann Bloom recently celebrated her 25th anniversary as an employee of Personal Injury law firm Finkelstein and Partners.  Ann began her career with Finkelstein and Partners in 1985 as a legal assistant in the firm’s original Robinson Avenue office. She currently is the “Senior First Impression Specialist” at the -->


The Supreme Court will hear the Henderson Case. Finkelstein & Partners will author an amicus brief to the Supreme Court on the issue of equitable tolling and the Veteran’s Claim. As previously reported, many Veterans, due to the disabilities from which they suffer, are unable to understand and/or appreciate an appellate deadline. Mr. Henderson is -->

The Reasons I Do What I Do…

I couldn’t sleep last night.  I was anxious about six hearings I had in the morning.  But more than that, I felt a little burnt out for the first time in a long while.  I’ve been taking communications classes on the weekends, while constantly learning medicine at nights, all the while spending most days in -->

Cognitive Problems After Traumatic Brain Injury

What is cognition? Cognition is the act of knowing or thinking. It includes the ability to choose, understand, remember and use information. Cognition includes: Attention and concentration Processing and understanding information. Memory Communication Planning, organizing, and assembling Reasoning, problem-solving, decision-making, and judgment Controlling impulses and desires and being patient How does TBI affect cognition and -->

Driving After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Driving After Traumatic Brain Injury Driving is an important part of a person’s independent lifestyle and integration into the community. Because we take our driving skills for granted, it is easy to forget that driving is the most dangerous thing we do in our everyday lives. A brain injury can affect the skills needed to -->

June 08, 2010: Howard Finkelstein Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from Orange County Bar Association

Michael NovinsonTimes Herald-RecordPublished: 2:00 AM – 06/08/10 NEWBURGH — Attorney Howard Finkelstein received the Orange County Bar Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award on May 18 at the 99th annual Awards & Business Dinner meeting.Finkelstein founded Finkelstein & Partners LLP in Newburgh in 1961 and has specialized in personal injury and criminal defense law. Read full article

Sleep and TBI

How common are sleep problems following a TBI? Many people who have brain injuries suffer from sleep disturbances. Not sleeping well can increase or worsen depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, and one’s sense of well-being. It can also lead to poor work performance and traffic or workplace accidents. A review of sleep disorder studies and surveys -->

May 25, 2010: Nationally known law speaker visits Finkelstein & Partners

By Taryn ClarkPublished: 2:00 AM – 05/25/10 NEWBURGH — David Ball recently visited Finkelstein & Partners LLP to speak during a continuing education program. A nationally known trial consultant, communications expert and best-selling author, Ball is one of the country’s most in-demand continuing-education speakers in the field of law. Read full article

Facts About Traumatic Brain Injury

What is a traumatic brain injury? A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is defined as a blow or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the function of the brain. Not all blows or jolts to the head result in a TBI. The severity of such an injury may range from “mild,” i.e., a brief change in mental -->

S. 3192, the Fair Access to Veterans Benefits Act of 2010 has been proposed

Previously on this blog, I reported on my firm’s involvement in preparing and submitting an Amicus Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in the Henderson case.  Veterans are afforded 120 days in which to file an appeal with the CAVC (Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims) after they are issued a denial of benefits from -->

President Obama Signs Historic Legislation providing Comprehensive support to caregivers of severely disabled veterans

On May 5, 2010, President Obama signed historic legislation, referred to as S. 1963, The Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act.  This legislation is expected to make a profound difference to the well-being, rehabilitation and recovery of veterans across this country, including combat veterans wounded and disabled in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Personal caregivers and -->