Recent Results

In the past 60 years Finkelstein & Partners has consistently obtained thousands of successful verdicts and settlements. The recoveries for our clients are among the highest in the State and our results speak for themselves. Finkelstein & Partners lawyers are Super Lawyers and several are members of the exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. While we have established our reputation as the law firm to retain for the seriously injured, your satisfaction is our primary goal. 

Now in our seventh decade of providing superior personal client services, we remain dedicated as ever to fighting and winning the money you deserve from insurance companies and holding responsible parties accountable, while preserving your dignity and privacy. 

Please read on for a selection of recent cases of note.*

Our client was driving down a busy Connecticut road on a rainy day when he was rear-ended. Instead of focusing on the road and traveling a safe speed/distance from other vehicles, the distracted driver who hit our client was cited for following too closely to our client’s vehicle. The fact that it was raining and the fact there was so much traffic should have been an indication to the other driver to take caution. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Our client’s vehicle was hit with so much impact he suffered excruciating injuries that severely impaired his ability to complete day to day tasks. This case was handled by local counsel in Connecticut and Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein. The case ultimately settled for $250,000.

When postal truck was delivering mail on Rock Cut Road in Newburgh, the cars behind the mail truck stopped.   With no oncoming traffic coming, one car was able to pass the mail truck.  The next car stopped behind the mail truck because a car was coming in the opposite lane.  Unfortunately, a garbage truck was following too closely and failed to stop, crashing into the stopped car, pushing it into the postal truck.  Our Pine Bush client’s neck was injured so badly that she required injections for the pain and ultimately needed surgery.  A lawsuit was started by Managing Attorney Elizabeth Wolff and after depositions by Trial Attorney Brian Acard, the case was settled for $475,000.

Our client was severely injured when a Newburgh man backed out of his driveway in such a rush that he didn’t even look behind him. He backed up directly into our client who was parked nearby. Had the other driver taken just a moment to check behind him, as all reasonable and responsible drivers do, the crash never would have happened. Our client sustained debilitating injuries to his neck, shoulder, legs, hips, and hand. His injuries required intensive treatment including shoulder surgery and multiple rounds of physical therapy each week. The driver who caused the crash completely disregarded the safety of others on the road and unfortunately, our client suffered the consequences. This case was handled by Managing Attorney Melody Gregory, one of our Newburgh injury lawyers with more than 40 years’ experience, and Trial Attorney Chris Camastro. The case was ultimately settled for the full amount of all available insurance, $100,000.

On any given morning in the Town of LaGrange there are children along roadways waiting to board school buses, commuters traveling to work, and families carpooling to daily activities. We all depend on one another to drive responsibly and understand there are huge risks in failing to do so. Our client was on Noxon Road in LaGrange when suddenly a distracted driver crossed over into our client’s lane and struck her head on. The impact was so forceful our client’s car was propelled into a nearby pond. Our client survived the crash with a number of serious injuries, including a broken leg, fractured back, and a broken rib. Her leg was so severely broken it required the surgical placement of a rod. Because the driver of the other vehicle chose not to pay attention to the road they put countless individuals at risk and permanently altered our client’s life. Managing Attorney Elyssa Fried-DeRosa was able to obtain the full amount of all available insurance, which unfortunately was only $100,000

A New Jersey long-term rehabilitation facility failed to properly treat pressure ulcers (or bed sores) on a stroke victim who was wheel chair bound. The facility’s failure to properly monitor and assess this resident caused the development and worsening of multiple pressure ulcers on his left heel. The non-healing ulcers ultimately became infected and necessitated an above knee amputation causing significant pain and suffering. The resident was just 76 years old at the time. The nursing home argued a bed sore on the heel is unavoidable. We argued the amputation could have been avoided had the long-term rehabilitation facility properly monitored and treated our client. Injury attorney Jonathon Minkove and Nursing Home abuse attorney Mary Ellen Wright successfully settled this case for $175,000. Our nursing home abuse attorneys are passionate about holding negligent facilities accountable, not only for the sake of our clients but also to prevent future cases of nursing home abuse and neglect.

While driving in New Windsor, Orange County, a distracted driver failed to see the light turn red up ahead. As the car in front of him slowed, he just kept proceeding forward, never hitting his breaks. The car crashed into the rear of the car that was stopping and caused significant damage. Our forty-four year old client never hurt her neck before. Now she was suffering from neck pain that ran into her arms. An MRI confirmed she had a herniated disk in her neck and they required epidural injections. We started a lawsuit to hold the distracted driver accountable. The insurance company paid their full $100,000 policy just before trial. The case was handled by Trial Partner Nancy Morgan and Managing Attorney David Akerib.

Just weeks before their high school graduation, a 17-year-old senior was a passenger in a car driven by another senior in LaGrange, Dutchess county. As the driver took the curve he realized he was going too fast. He couldn’t negotiate the curve and the car left the road striking a fence, overturned and struck a tree. Two weeks later the passenger passed away from internal injuries. Ultimately the insurance company offered the full $250,000 available policy limits. The case was handled by Managing Attorney David Akerib.

While traveling on Route 17 In Sullivan County, a distracted driver smashed into the rear of a car slowing for traffic.  The force was so hard the car that was hit in the rear was pushed into the guardrail and flipped.  The driver was ejected and killed.  Initially, the family went to a local Pine Bush lawyer who does not specialize in injury cases.   After realizing the case too was too big for him, the Pine Bush lawyer asked Finkelstein & Partners to help.  We filed the necessary paperwork to create an estate and started a lawsuit.  The case was eventually settled for all of the available insurance, which was unfortunately only $100,000.  The case was handled by Managing Attorney David Akerib. 

Our client was in Wappingers Falls on her way to pick up her daughter from school when she came to a red light at the State Route 9 and Meyers Corner intersection. When the light turned green she entered the intersection and was suddenly struck by another driver who failed to stop at the red light. The driver at fault later admitted he knew the light was red yet still plowed through the busy intersection. Failing to stop at a red light is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do, and often ends in disaster. As a result of the crash, our client suffered painful injuries to her neck and back which eventually required surgery.  A team of F&P personal injury lawyers, Managing Attorney David Gross and Trial Attorney Brian Acard, were able to settle this case for the limited amount of insurance available, which unfortunately totaled just $100,000.   

After a driver ignored a stop sign in the Orange County hamlet of Deerpark, the car crashed into the passenger side our client’s car. While there was not a huge amount of property damage to the outside of our client’s car, he was bounced around inside the compartment of his car causing more damage to his already injured low back. Unfortunately, a few years earlier our client had another car crash that injured his low back and those injuries required two surgeries to his lumbar spine. This crash aggravated those injuries and caused a new injury to his shoulder. Fortunately, our client purchased $500,000 Underinsurance as part of his car insurance policy. This enabled him to pursue up to $500,000 from his own insurance if the car that caused the crash had less insurance than him. That is exactly what happened. The insurance on the car that blew the stop sign only had $100,000 of insurance. After collecting the full $100,000, we pursued the $400,000 available from our clients own insurance company. Even though he paid his premiums on time and had valid coverage, the insurance company refused to offer anything. According to the insurance contract we had to pursue an arbitration. Trial Partner Nancy Morgan presented a strong case to the arbitrator. An award of $500,000 was made and we were able to collect the additional $400,000 for our client. Managing Attorney David Gross initially worked on the case and made all the necessary filings enabling us to pursue the additional benefits.