Recent Results

In the past 60 years Finkelstein & Partners has consistently obtained thousands of successful verdicts and settlements. The recoveries for our clients are among the highest in the State and our results speak for themselves. Finkelstein & Partners lawyers are Super Lawyers and several are members of the exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. While we have established our reputation as the law firm to retain for the seriously injured, your satisfaction is our primary goal. 

Now in our seventh decade of providing superior personal client services, we remain dedicated as ever to fighting and winning the money you deserve from insurance companies and holding responsible parties accountable, while preserving your dignity and privacy. 

Please read on for a selection of recent cases of note.*

A Columbia County, NY man who suffered extensive injuries to his right leg in a motor vehicle accident agrees to settle for $850K

A 44 year-old department store manager was permanently disabled after tripping over boxes while on the job. The boxes had been incorrectly stored and caused her to fall several flights down a metal grating staircase.

A Rockland County construction worker sustained serious injury when he fell from a roof due to a wet surface. As a result of the injury the plaintiff required surgery and hospitalization. Attorneys argued the case under the labor law statute. Defendant agrees to settlement before trial in the sum of $800K.

A passenger in an automobile was rear ended as driver stopped to make a left hand turn. Plaintiff suffered severe back injury and required extensive back surgery.

Court awards Orange County woman $750,000 for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident which resulting in an aggravation to a pre-existing spinal condition.

20-year old passenger injured in motor vehicle accident receives $700K, for injuries sustained in a single car collision.

Our client required knee surgery after his car was hit by a teenage driver who stepped on the gas instead of braking. Trial attorney Victoria Lightcap successfully argued that driver inexperience directly caused our client's injuries.

A 22-year-old man was struck by a passing vehicle as he was attempting to exit his vehicle settles case for $400K.

40-year old union worker, while on job, slipped and fell from an elevated walkway to the highway below. Our attorneys successfully argued that lack of site safety caused the accident.

Our client, a 45 year old woman, was visiting her parents when their dog was suddenly attacked by a neighbor’s dog. Our client ran outside and tried to rescue her parents’ dog. As she ran, she tripped and injured her knee –this required arthroscopic surgery for tears. Its important to note that she was not injured by defendants dog nor by the dog fight itself. The defendant dog had previously attacked our client’s dog and Finkelstein & Partners obtained a report to verify this. Liability was an issue as it was undisputed that our client was injured in the fall rather then the attack. Our argument that the plaintiff’s reaction was a natural one as well as our being able to prove a prior attack enabled us to able to obtain an offer of settlement after commencing suit.