Recent Results

In the past 60 years Finkelstein & Partners has consistently obtained thousands of successful verdicts and settlements. The recoveries for our clients are among the highest in the State and our results speak for themselves. Finkelstein & Partners lawyers are Super Lawyers and several are members of the exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. While we have established our reputation as the law firm to retain for the seriously injured, your satisfaction is our primary goal. 

Now in our seventh decade of providing superior personal client services, we remain dedicated as ever to fighting and winning the money you deserve from insurance companies and holding responsible parties accountable, while preserving your dignity and privacy. 

Please read on for a selection of recent cases of note.*

When suing the State of New York for a poorly designed road, the trial is heard not by a jury, but by a State-appointed Judge. George Levy, a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of New York, successfully argued the State failed to correct a road following multiple crashes at the same location. The Judge agreed and held the State fully accountable for the one car crash that killed a wife and mother of two from Dutchess County. Mr. Levy argued successfully that the children not only lost their parental guidance, but also religious guidance. The children’s Mom actively brought the children to Sunday school and church. Following her death, the father did not actively bring the children and the Court made a substantial award for lack of religious guidance. Case was handled by Senior Trial Partner George Levy. 

A Middletown man who was severely injured on a construction site has settled for $3 million during the second week of trial in Orange County Supreme Court. In 2001, our 52 year-old client was working as a diesel mechanic during the installation of a sprinkler system in a building at Stewart International Airport when a pipe connection separated under water pressure and exploded. He was hospitalized for nearly four months due to his extensive injureies, which included being impaled by eight inch bolts. Attorney George M. Levy argued that that the defendant was negligent in substituting a pipe connection which did not comply with connection specifications or National Fire Protection Association standards. There was also a negligence claim against a second defendant for failing to recognize the unsafe substitution. Both defendants agreed to settle before the testimony of the plaintiff’s expert witnesses.

While driving home one evening in Wayne County, a drunk driver crossed over a double yellow line and crashed head-on into our client’s car. We immediately started an investigation and learned the defendant driver had been drinking and was above the legal limit. After starting the lawsuit Victoria Lightcap was able to settle the case for a total of $2,850,000. Case was handled by Trial Partner Victoria Lightcap

All constructions sites are dangerous, even when they are below ground. Our client was laying pipe in a ditch in Middletown that was dug by another sub-contractor. The general contractor failed to follow the proper building codes and shore up the walls of the ditch. While our client was in the ditch doing his job the walls collapsed, crushing him. While all of the defendants blamed our client, claiming he should have known better and asked for support structures, we were able to overcome these arguments and obtain a $2,800,000 settlement for the worker's family. The case was handled by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein and Senior Trial Partner George Levy.

Construction sites are always dangerous and New York has special laws to protect workers. General contractors must provide safety devices to prevent falling objects. Unfortunately, the General Contractor at a work site in Syracuse chose not to provide the very safety netting that would have protected our client. After a tool fell and struck our client in the shoulder, he was unable to work again in the construction industry following multiple surgeries. The case was settled just prior to trial by Trial Partner Victoria Lightcap.

When parents allow their kids to go on school trips they expect adequate supervision.  That’s just what our clients thought would happen when they let their 7th grader in a Binghamton school district middle school take a class science trip.  Part of the science exhibition was demonstrating a huge sling shot.  Water balloons were being propelled 40 yards.  Our client was standing 60 yards down the field talking to some friends when a water balloon struck her in the face causing her to lose an eye.  The school should never have allowed kids to stand within the landing zone of these water balloons.  Ultimately the School District entered a $2,000,000 settlement that was approved by the Judge.  The case was handled by Managing Partner Andrew Finkelstein and Trial Partner Victoria Lightcap.

While working on a roof in Kingston, a general contractor failed to provide adequate fall protection as required by the Labor Law Section 240.  Had the fall protection been provided as required by the safety law, our client never would have been injured or fallen 27 feet to the ground below.  Following multiple surgeries to his leg, our client was ultimately able to return to work.  The case was settled for $1,850,000 by Trial Partner Kenneth Fromson.

Working from a height adds significant dangers to workers. That’s why in New York Labor Law Section 240 puts the obligation on the general contractor and owner to make sure workers have safety devices to limit the risk of falls. The general contractor failed to provide our client with the necessary tie-off for his ladder, causing him to fall 17 feet to the ground, seriously injuring his ankle. A Judge agreed with our position – that the fall was entirely preventable had the general contractor provided the requisite safety devices. The case was settled by Senior Trial Attorney George Levy for $1,700,000.

A Washington County jury agreed with our position that our client's injuries never would have happened if the general contractor followed Labor Law Section 240 and provided safety devices. After hearing about the injuries and surgeries needed the jury rendered a verdict just over $1,300,000. The case was handled by Trial Attorney Marshall Richer.

$1.25M jury verdict in favor of a passenger who suffered numerous injuries when the real estate agent she was traveling with failed to stop at a stop sign and collided with another vehicle.