• What legal actions can be taken if bedsores develop during a nursing home stay?

    If your loved one developed bedsores during a stay in a nursing home facility, obtain appropriate medical care and file a bedsore lawsuit against the facility where the bedsores developed.

    It is important that you speak with a competent nursing home abuse attorney to help and guide you through the legal process of the case.

  • What are the symptoms of bedsores?

    Bedsores usually begin as a reddened and sensitive patch of skin. Then, they develop into sores or ulcers that can extend deep into muscles and bones. They are categorized into four stages:

    Stage 1: Abnormal redness of the skin, with skin intact.

    Stage 2: Redness of the skin progresses to abrasions, blisters, or shallow craters.

    Stage 3: Crater like sores or ulcers begin to extend beneath the skin. The loss of skin usually exposes some fats.

  • What causes bedsores?

    The following may cause bedsores:

    Constant pressure on the skin: Constant pressure may damage the skin and underlying tissue. Lack of mobility and blood circulation may cause bedsores to form.

    Friction of the skin: Bedsores may result from friction caused by the skin rubbing against another surface, or when two layers of skin slide against each other, moving in opposite directions causing damage to the underlying tissue.

  • What should I do after a car crash?

    When involved in a car accident, you should do the following:

    • Stay at the accident scene
    • Call the police
    • Seek medical attention
    • Take photographs of the accident scene
    • Collect and exchange information of the other driver involved
    • Talk to witnesses
    • Inform your insurance company
    • Keep a detailed account of your medical treatment
  • How Can I Apply?

    A Veteran wishing to apply for Pension may submit either VA Form 21-527EZ, “Application for Pension.” A Veteran wishing to apply for Compensation and Pension should submit VA Form 21-526, “Veteran’s Application for Compensation and/or Pension.” If the Veteran is not sure to which benefits s/he may be entitled, we recommend the Veteran submit VA Form 21-526, “Veteran’s Application for Compensation and/or Pension.”

  • What Are the Types of Pensions Available?

    Special Monthly Pension (SMP)

    Sometimes a Veteran’s disability level exceeds the need for care that is contemplated within the traditional guidelines outlining the type of conditions considered by the VA to be “totally or permanently” disabling. In such instances, the Veteran may qualify for Special Monthly Pension (SMP). There are two types of SMP: Housebound Benefits and Aid and Attendance Benefits, both of which increase a Veteran’s entitlement amount.